About Us

Request A QuoteAfter 15 years of valuable experience working as an Executive Secretary, Jo Ann Wall founded her own secretarial business in 1992.  In our years of business in the San Francisco Bay Area we have become a premier transcription service providing simple typing services as well as undertaking larger endeavors such as conference transcription services.

All staff members at  JSTS Transcription Service are committed to the priorities of quality, customer service, and confidentiality.


Transcripts are formatted to your specifications and are provided as either a Word document or PDF.  All work is completed by transcriptionists within the United States.  Our typists pay attention to details and are fully committed to excellence in our work.

Customer Service

JSTS Transcription Service can handle your project professionally and accurately, providing prompt and dependable service.  Whether you need video transcription, audio transcription, or digital transcription, we keep up with the ever-changing tides of technology in order to best support our clients.


We always maintain strict client confidentiality. JSTS Transcription Service provides encryption of your digital audio files and final documents.

JSTS Transcription Service welcomes projects of all scopes and sizes. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are dedicated to finding solutions to meet all your transcription needs.