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free digital voice recorder transcriptionFor quality recordings, JSTS can provide Olympus recording equipment as part of our service. The equipment is comprised of the digital voice recorder and AKG omnidirectional microphones. This system catches every discussion point in stereo quality, records up to eleven hours of audio, and the digital recording is saved in .wma equipment transcription tripod
Depending on the recording’s intended purpose, the method of transcription may vary.Verbatim – Every utterance is captured and recorded. This includes: uhs, uh-uh, false starts, distracting speech patterns (“you know,” “like”) repetitions and pauses.Transcription Services How it Works Transcribe

Clean Verbatim – We do not transcribe unnecessary repetitions, stammering or interruptions in order to maintain the flow or meaning of the conversation.

Content – We edit as we transcribe. We correct grammar, eliminate interrupting comments, slang or personal comments.

proofreadingJSTS is committed to providing a quality product. In order to ensure accurate transcripts, all documents are proof-read.

Educational Consultants
Marketing Research Groups
Private Investigators
Public Relations Agencies
Screenplay Writers
Talk Show Hosts

Once the transcript is finalized, the deliverable will be provided to the client per your specifications (i.e. pdf or Word doc formats).Transcription Services How it Works Professional Deliver

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