Services : Transcription for your Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

A panel discussion provides an opportunity for members of an audience to listen in on an informed discussion, helping them to increase their understanding of the topic, clarify the issue and engage the topic themselves.  The information presented, as well as the discussion amongst the panel of experts, and the questions and discussion that arise from the audience are all critical to your business.

For that reason, JSTS provides panel discussion transcription, converting expert presentation and discussion into written documents, capturing information that may otherwise have been missed.  Post-event transcripts are very useful “back at the office” for review, clarification or follow-up.

Contact Us BEFORE Your Event

We can provide recording equipment at no cost to you or make recommendations for types of recording equipment.  We also offer tips to help you generate quality recordings.

Our highly skilled transcription experts can be on site to capture the sounds and visual aspects of your event.

“Onsite, Jo Ann and her team were able to deliver on all of the services discussed during the planning phase…handwritten notetaking, along with digital audio and video recording [of the focus group and panel discussions]. Following the event, they delivered the transcripts, audio files and video files in a timely manner, which fit a tight turn-around time set by our client. We would gladly work with JSTS Transcription Service again, and would recommend their services to any company hoping to execute a successful event.”Pamela Kosmowski & Robert Jones