Services : Transcription for your Round Table Discussions

Round Table Discussions

In an effective round table discussion, all members are active participants and are presumed to have an equal voice in the subject at hand.  Capturing everyone’s comments, opinions and responses on an issue can be critical to your business.

JSTS can convert the conversation and discussion into a written document, labeling who said what, and capturing information that may otherwise have been missed.  Post-event transcripts will make it simple to follow-up with round table participants, and with those who can benefit from their expertise.

Contact Us BEFORE Your Event

We can provide recording equipment at no cost to you or make recommendations for types of recording equipment.  We also offer tips to help you generate quality recordings.

Our highly skilled transcription experts can be on site to capture the sounds and visual aspects of your event.

“Work was done on time. Typing was good; easy and pleasant to work with. JSTS Transcription Service did superior work. I would definitely use JSTS again!”


Susan Morris,
Host of radio talk show
“What Would Your Mother Say?”